Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy Hands

Busy Hands

A woman shall be satisfied with good
by the fruit of her mouth:
and the recompense of a woman's hands
shall be rendered unto her.

Proverbs 12:14 KJV (modified)

Photo: a cozy quilt shop nearby


  1. Oh I do hope that that is a fabric shoppe and not some gal's private stash...

  2. I agree...we were meant to stay busy....I am greatful for you and the way that you helped me as I got back into stitching..haven't done any through the holidays, moving, sickness, BUT I am bringing my little tote into my room and putting it by my recliner and getting Goin'

  3. Very true! I enjoyed a cold afternoon by baking bread! Warmed the house and our tummies!

  4. I also hope that is a fabric store. If not, you really have your work cut out for you. Have fun!

  5. Great inspiration! And a beautiful picture. My hands have been very busy today! Tomorrow I get a little break, and some time to myself. Time to refresh and renew...always a good thing!
    :o) Becky

  6. I made bread today!
    First time it turned out great! the whole family loved it!
    There is also soy yogurt incubating.

  7. Sweetie do you happen to have a tea cozy pattern?

  8. You have been tagged please come and share your input.

  9. How lovely! Thank you for elevating "homemaking" and the blessings of being the women God intended us to be!

  10. Fabulous verse!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Mine is BUSY as usual.

  11. Anonymous1:40 PM

    When I was a young homemaker Isewed EVERY day!(Well maybe 5 days a week anyway!)

  12. After a big move in December, unpacking, and collapsing...(ha!), well, I'm finally back to the blogs that I hold dear.

    I love the stacks of fabric. I don't quilt, but I walk into quilting stores just to admire the stacks and prints.

    Barry, my hubby, is from PA.,so he KNOWS Shoo-Fly Pie! I'll have to finally break down and make it for the guy!

    Hugs, KJ


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