Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea

National Hot Tea Month
is the perfect time to learn to create a perfect cup of tea:

1. Select fragrant and fresh, full-leaf, loose tea leaves.

2. Fill a kettle with pure water and bring to a full boil. Then remove from heat.

3. Pour hot tap water into teapot and then pour it out. This is to warm the teapot.

4. Place one teaspoon of loose leaves per cup of tea desired into a teapot. Add one extra teaspoon for 'the pot'.

5. Pour hot water over tea leaves in teapot.

6. Steep tea leaves for 3 - 5 minutes, using a timer for accuracy.

7. Decant by pouring tea through a strainer into another warmed teapot.

8. Place teapot in a tea cozy to keep tea warm. Pour by the teacupful as desired.

Photo: Tea Plantation/Indonesia
Copyright @ LaTeaDah 2009


  1. What is your opinion on using the microwave rather than the stove to bring the water to a boil? That is the usual way I heat my pot of water each morning, but when I mentioned this to my friend today, she cringed.

    Kindly, ldh

  2. aww the perfect pot of tea! thank you for posting this! now, which kind will it be.....oh, and maybe some scones also? lol hugs and thanks

  3. If I may presume to add - "the water poured onto tea must be boiling for a perfect brew" It releases the oxygen.

    Having a little catch up having come over from Vee.

    Best wishes for the coming year.

  4. I will try to fulfil the request to post the link to your draw on my blog but not sure how to do this. Anyway just to say I have a teapot (see photo on my blog post called The blessings of a nice cup of tea) and it has a sieve that sits on top just under the lid and strains the tea perfectly so you don't have to decant it to another pot! Or use a strainer would be another method, or a little tea egg to hold the leaves that sits in the pot usually with a chain hanging over the side. Have a look!


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