Friday, August 22, 2008

Window Shopping and Wishing

Do you enjoy window shopping? What if it's along a quaint main street in a little tourist town? And what if there are shops filled with teapots and teacups and linens galore? Sometimes it's fun to buy a little something as a souvenir, but usually looking is 'enough' to satisfy. What kinds of things do you like to observe when window shopping? Do different family members have different things they look for? In our household, I tend to look for tea things and linens, but a good bookstore is always welcome. When the boys were little, of course it was the closest toy store of the gadget section of a tourist shop. They soon outgrew that and have progressed to bookstores and any type of electronics store. There's one wonderful Pirate Shop I know they enjoy as well. Brent on the other hand is satisfied simply with a fudge shop. He's generally easy to please when it comes to his 'tourist' preferences. On the Oregon coast, a good kite shop is always a welcome respite from general browsing and the guys have been known to buy a nice kite or two to try out along the shore. I watch the flying action. . .nibble some of Brent's fudge. . .and have a cuppa tea from my thermos. Today. . .I'm wishing I were at the sea. . .


  1. Window shopping can be fun and give you some great ideas.

  2. I especially love window shopping in antique shops. What fun to look and sometimes find a small treasure that must come home with you.

  3. That's a sweet little teapot/teacup combination.

    Your post today reminded me of very pleasant times along the beach sailing kites. Hope that you get your wish soon!

  4. Oh my goodness! Where can I window shop for those gorgeous teapots and linens? It would be fun to go there together. ~Adrienne~


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