Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quilting at the Fair

Marie at ZQuilts recently posted pictures of many beautiful quilts from their San Juan County Fair. I think you would enjoy seeing them at her blog. Her post reminded me to take my camera to our county fair recently and see what I could find. The quilts were high on my priority, but I was quite disappointed that the viewer was kept so far back that it was a little difficult to see them. Additionally, they were so crowded together in the display that you could only see a portion of each quilt and each quilt was frequently blocked by another quilt displayed on top. Although this was frustrating, it was still a pleasure to view all the work that dedicated quilters put into their award winning quilts. The one above received the Superintendent's Choice Award. The 3-D basket of flowers was especially beautiful.

The Best of Show awards went to several quilts at the fair this year. This quilt, a picket fence display with beautiful flowers, received one such award. It was especially well done.

This quilt also received a Best of Show ribbon. Quilted by a man named Alan, it shows great workmanship and a maze of geometry!

This Best of Show quilt was appliqued in beautiful red's and green's. A stunning and classic quilt, it was a fine example of some one's hours of dedication, hard work, and lovely design!

As you can see, the quilt corner was crowded. It was difficult to view each quilt and appreciate it for what it had to offer. But, I do think it's wonderful that so many people submited examples of their beautiful work at the county fair this year. I suggest that the aisles for walking become narrower and the space for displaying such beautiful examples of stitchery be expanded!

I came away inspired --- and even found several mini-quilts that I will be posting later for my friend, Lucy, who loves to create her own mini's.


  1. Thanks for sharing these--they're beautiful! I can see why that quilt won best of show, and I love that fence with flowers (roses?)!

  2. I love quilt shows and seeing all the variety. These pictures are I'm off to see what your friend has posted.

  3. WoW ! That is some fabulous craftsmanship. I loved seeing these quilts and the way that your county set them up. Lack of space for proper display must be a "global" issue! I also find it interesting that they awarded more than one Best of Show - which I personally think is a good policy ! Thanks for taking your camera !!

  4. I always admire people who do what I can't do. Those quilts are so beautiful. The picket fence one is my favorite.

  5. I enjoyed looking at these beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing them!


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