Friday, August 15, 2008

The Mundane of Housekeeping

Do you know the song titled "I've Been Everywhere" that lists names and places throughout the United States? It was written by Geoff Mack in 1959 and has been adapted to locals in several countries and has been sung by everyone from Lynn Anderson, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and The Statler Brothers. Well, take that tune and add these words: Kerby, Filter Queen, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Bissell, Eureka, Kenmore, and more. As you sing along, become more and more animated, giving the song more and more punch. These are all brands of vacuum cleaners we've had over the years. So far, there's nothing that I have really been satisfied with. With kids, pets, and sandy soil --- nothing seems to hold up very well and do a superb job (sorry, vacuum cleaner companies). We are now on a search for 'another' vacuum cleaner; something that will clean carpets and hardwood, that will keep it's suction, and that isn't messy to keep clean and tidy. Our search has lead us to the Dyson DC 25. Do you have one? Could you, would you --- share the pro's and con's? According to their website, this vacuum:

Sits on a ball to maneuver around furniture and obstacles. The motor is inside the ball, giving the machine a low center of gravity making it even easier to steer.

AND it. . .

Uses Root Cyclone™ technology to separate dirt from the air by centrifugal force. This patented technology doesn't lose suction power as you vacuum.

Hmmmm. . .so it this true? I am really curious and most cautious about my 'next' choice in a vacuum cleaner. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me. And, I thank you in advance.

I know. . .vacuum cleaners are mundane and boring in blogland where we tend to focus on beautiful decor, yummy food, and family events. So, in order to perk up this post a bit, I'd like to share with you another 'housekeeping' tool that I found this week (and left in the shop window; it's shown in the picture below). It is the prettiest apron! I would love to find a pattern to make one. . .somewhere. . .somehow. This pretty little gem was $80.00 in the shop (and it's not even lined!). The skirt is fitted with darts with a cute, little gathered bodice that is accented with striped fabric at top and bottom. Isn't it adorable? Have you found a pattern for this anywhere? It's yummy!

Enjoy a lovely day and be sure to enjoy any housekeeping you might have planned for the day. Since I'm still deciding about a vacuum cleaner (and have only a simple apron), I will be dust mopping my floors today rather than sucking up the dirt with a vacuum!

Stay cool!

THANK YOU for all the excellent feedback regarding vacuum cleaners. It was all very helpful! I will keep you posted as to a decision soon!

THANK YOU, Deb --- from Homespun Living --- for the link to the apron pattern. For other's who are interested, it's available at Sew, Mama, Sew!


  1. I have LOVED Oreck - so much more power than any of the many others I've tried and lightweight:)

  2. I just bought a bagless Hoover vacuum. Can you say HATE IT. I have always had a Hoover, but this time I would never buy one again. I too have kids, dogs etc. To clean this one is HORRIBLE AND VERY DIRTY to say the least.

    I used my sister-in-laws Dyson, LOVED IT would buy one in a heartbeat. Also my daught used to work for Merry Maids, and they had one, she loved it and is now moving out on her own and will buy a Dyson as well. I will be doing so too.

    Whatever you choose, just don't buy a bagless Hoover.

  3. I love my Dyson animal - wouldn't trade it for anything. We were horrified the first time we used it because we became aware how much our old vacuum was missing.

  4. That's an apron? It looks like a great summer dress. Gorgeous.
    If I had $2000 burning a hole in my pocket (as if) I'd buy a Rainbow Vacumn. It is a fabulous invention and it has a carpet cleaning system that you can get for it. But alas I'll have to pay property taxes instead....

  5. Anonymous6:03 PM

    We have a Miele and we love it! We've never had a Dyson so I can't compare it. The Miele isn't upright, though. It's a canister vacuum.

    I've seen a similar pattern to that apron somewhere. If I run across it, I'll let you know.

  6. I have a Dyson and love it. I mean I really, really LOVE it! : ) It's worth every penny.

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  8. I'm always anxious to sing the praises of a Dyson. While consumer testing showed the Dyson was no more effective than any other vacuum in suction power when new, having burnt up several vacuums in my time (we have six shedding dogs), the Dyson is the only one that has continued to be as powerful as the day we bought it -- which was three years ago, making it also the longest lasting vacuum we've ever had. Not only that, while every vacuum can clog up, the Dyson is the only one that gives access to the entire pathway of the dirt to the canister (no more wire hangers!). And their customer service is wonderful!

  9. I have a Eureka Sanitaire commercial vacuum and I really love it. It's an upright and has the attachments to vacuum with hand tools. It really SUCKS! (in a good way)

    LOVE that apron....everything about it.


  10. I can't speak for that particular model, but we bought the Dyson
    Animal. We need the really heavy duty model because of all our pets. It was a big investment, but one of our best ever. I could write a book for all I love about this vacuum. It really vacuums! I don't smell the awful pet odor my others always gave off from all the hair. The built in wand works so easily, just pulling it out without having to stop and attach. That makes hitting those spots in places the vacuum won't go so quick to hit. I never want a vacuum with a bag again! I keep a trashcan just as you step in the garage and empty the canister there. So easy! Love it, love it, love it! Let's see, do I have a negative? Well, they didn't make it automatic. I still have to push it ;-)

  11. That looks very much like The Emmeline Apron, the pattern for which can be found at Sew Mama Sew:
    Have a great day!


  12. Glad to hear you've decided on the Dyson - you won't regret it. I finally blogged about how much I love my Dyson animal.

  13. Glad to hear you've decided on the Dyson - you won't regret it. I finally blogged about how much I love my Dyson animal.

  14. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I have had a Dyson for over a year. The top one. It does pick up good but if you have any wrist or shoulder problems it is hard on them. You have to push and pull it around and it does not more around easily. I do not have the new ball design so maybe that would help but still the weight of the machine would be on your wrist to move. The cord does not retract unless You wind it around and around the machine yourself. I have never gotten it to just undo itself a little when vacuming...the cord always comes all the way undone when sweeping so you are having it in your way a lot. When you are just using the wand part and pulling on it the rest of the machine usually tips over because it is unbalanced... and the hose itself is stiff and does not pull out that easy to reach very far. I would not get a Dyson again. I do love the ease of dumping the dirt cup etc but I would sure like a real retractabel hose and a machine that is not so heavy at least. I wish I had tried it out more at the store pulling it around..and don't forget the carpets at the store are all flat and easier to work on etc...Hope you have found the one you like by now...Jody


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