Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pleasant Pillow

I have a love affair with pillows! And, although I didn't purchase this one, I enjoyed it immensely as it sat on an antique wooden chair at the Classical Chinese Gardens. Silky satin in black with hot pink piping created the palette for a beautiful, three-dimensional Chinese jacket. Fastened on with tiny stitches, it had tiny piping, little buttons, and a perfect mandarin collar.

Although my home decor is not Asian in decor, I think this illustration provides inspiration for other projects that would fit my decor more appropriately. Ribbons, silk flowers, embroidered doilies, unusual buttons, a baby's sweater and bonnet, a pair of fancy lace gloves, or a favorite piece of cross-stitch could all be used to embellish a simple, plain pillow for my home.

What kinds of pillows could you make that would fit 'your style'? Are you into golf, sailing, hiking, camping, tea, kids, or pets? The skies the limit! On this January day, maybe it's time to get crafty and embellish a favorite pillow for your house! Happy planning!

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