Monday, January 15, 2007

Paired in Patchwork

Although I prefer the second patchwork to this one, I am intrigued by the skill and care that was put into constructing both patchwork aprons. When both patchwork aprons are compared, it can be seen that the same design ideas were used for both: the line of plain blocks down the center and the set of three identical blocks used next to the waistband. The designer used great care in balancing colors and patterns with both aprons. This can be noted by observing the blocks on either side of the center column of plain blocks.


  1. They are all so stunning!

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    HI! I have my mom's apron that she made in home ec. It was her one apron(and now it is falling apart). It is very special to me, since it has a lot of happy memories of her(she died when I was 25). I'd like to frame it someday. But all my walls are slanted in my a-frame, I need a new kitchen!

    Happy Day!


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