Monday, January 08, 2007

Little Critters

During the coldness of January days, it's sometimes fun to look back at events of the previous year. I enjoyed going through photographs in my photo-file today, remembering what spring was like. I can hardly wait for it to arrive again, as it always brings fresh, new life to the earth and it's inhabitants. I found this picture of one of the twin squirrels we raised last spring. They'd been abandoned by their mother, and I became their adopted mother instead. Round-the-clock bottle feeding did produce weariness, but it was worth the effort each time the little ones would so eagerly greet me with their baby bottle. As they grew older and were able to eat solid food, they became more and more wary of humans. . .but instead kept a friendly and curious distance. Just like it is with human babies, you miss those days but are glad they they grow up to be independent creatures. Little critters --- one of God's gifts.


  1. Oh this little guy is cute! I am glad you shared a picture of him. I hope he is out there healthy and happy even today because he had such a good adopted mother.

    Elizabeth Joy

  2. I remember the squirrel story!!
    This picture is so cute !!


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