Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Confessions of a Sheepish Gardener

I'm dreaming about springtime. . .and sharing a picture of my 'tea garden' in the summertime. Alas, it does not look anything like this on this barren winter day. At least the sun was shining and with temperatures in the low 60's today, I thought it was a good time to accomplish what I failed to achieve in October. The weather man is calling for snow tonight and another cold spell ahead. With Brent's good help on the shovel, I was able to complete planting bulbs that should have been in the ground months ago. The task was half done then when an early cold spell came and stayed. . .but the temperatures warmed up enough to make the soil soft and easy to work with. . .so today we got the rest of them in the ground. I hope they grow; they've been sitting in a bucket on the back porch so at least they've received their 'proper chill'. Next spring the 'tea garden' should be ablaze with:

*Double Narcisus
*Tazetta Narcissus
*Aflatunense Alium
*Triumph Tulip
*Latifolium Muscari
*Luciliae Chionodoxa
*Crysanthus Crocus
*Tommasinianus Crocus
*Single Coronaria Anemone
*Blanda Anemone
*Siberica Scila
*Oreophilum Allium
*Double Latte Tulip

The seed and plant catalogs are arriving in the mailbox daily. Dreaming about new growth and sketching new garden beds are pleasant ways to fill a winter day. And I will rest in the joy of this day as I await the spring days ahead.

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  1. spring is not arriving just yet here in Texas, next week is supposed to be bitter cold with a chance of snow and ice.
    We do have a tiny lilac bloom right now though. Poor plants are so confused with this weather


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