Monday, January 15, 2007

Patchwork Apron

Today, this is my favorite apron (tomorrow it may be another!). I wanted to share a picture that showed the design more closely. Notice that the patchwork has been planned so that the center striped blocks are all plain (except for the top one; it matches the blocks on either side of it). The designer did a nice job of balance --- note the two red blocks on each side of the intense blue one; or the two turquoise blocks just below the yellow). Although every point is not perfectly matched, the eye is comfortable with the design anyway. The diagonal method used in creating the design lends itself to the A-line style of the pattern and the fabric falls gracefully from the waistband. The bias binding used for this apron is quite narrow, but does not look homemade. It's been applied carefully and with skill.

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  1. Anonymous5:36 AM

    I think this one is my favorite because of all the colors. I appreciate how you brought the details to my attention--like the solids down the middle. It made me focus and think how the maker of this apron would be so happy that it fell into appreciative hands. This sewer's creativity lives on through you.


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