Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Teacup Story of India

If you've been keeping up with Gracious Hospitality, you know that there's a give-away going on. The book Teacup Art....and Reflections by Joyce Wilkens is being given away to the one who's name is drawn. If you'd like to enter, click here and leave a comment.

I've been enjoying Joyce's beautiful book! It's one that has been a part of my tea library for awhile now (the winner will be receiving my second copy). Each teacup story that she shares through her photography and prose is beautiful and unique. I've been sharing just a few of the pages with you here on Gracious Hospitality this week. I hope you've been enjoying them.

Today's page shows a beautiful wood carving of the word TEA. Above it is a beautiful teacup from Joyce's collection. It was made in India. I would suspect that there are not too many teacups made in India. At least I haven't seen many. My sister, Judy, has visited India three times. She's spent nearly a month each time, traveling by car and train. The stories of her adventures are amazing and always interesting. When she left for her last trip there, I asked her if she would look for a teacup for me in India. She was happy to do so, but things were busy and she forgot until the very end of her trip. She and her family were staying with an Indian pastor and his family. A day or two before their return home she remembered about my teacup. She asked her hosts where she could purchase a teacup for me. They suggested a large department store nearby, but then realized that anything found there would probably be somewhat generic and imported from China. But, not to worry! The pastor said "You can take her something from our cupboard". He promptly went to the kitchen and pulled out three beautiful Indian teacups. I'm not sure if his wife had much say or not. They are a beautiful set of three yellow teacups painted with a beautiful Indian motif in chocolate brown. How I treasure them! I must say, though, that I do feel a bit guilty about having them. Although my sister says they were lovingly sent from their hearts, I cannot help but feel a bit badly for the pastor's wife. I wonder, did she really mind that he gave away her teacups? Because of her, I cherish them all the more.

Do you have a teacup that tells a story?

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  1. Oh, yes, that would put a bit of a pall on the gift of tea cups. Men! Well, I am sure that you have long since remedied the situation. What did you send the dear wife? =D

  2. How sweet of the pastors wife! And I bet her hubby took her right away on a little shopping trip to replace them!

  3. What special teacups to have in your cupboard. The one teacup to holds my story is the one that got away. It had yellow daffodils on it representing my birthday month. My mother bought it for me as a start to a teacup collection. I was too young not to appreciate it and later gave it away. I still look for that daffodil pattern and someday it may sit in my cupboard once more.

  4. As much as it would be hard to give away special teacups, to know that someone else really treasures them would make them easier to part. Marilyn, I hope you find that daffodil teacup. I'll keep an eye out for you as well:) Ladonna, yes, made in India teacups are hard to find.Many came from England, also. When I was collecting teacups for the book, I met a lady at a yard sale who had some cups for sale. I didn't want any of the ones she had there, but told her about the book and that I was searching for cups with a story. She went inside her house and came out with a special cup...the made in India cup. It was given to her by a pastor's wife who had worked in India in a service organization. She treasured it . . . but gave it to me.

  5. That was very sweet of them to send their own teacups to you. Certainly most teacups you would find there would be from Britain because of the history. Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  6. What a lovely story LaDonna. I'm sure the pastor's wife can smile knowing her teacups are being cared for by someone who also loves teacups. A generous gift of the heart indeed. Blessings.


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