Saturday, September 08, 2012

Teacup Art Congratulations!

Posts for the past week have featured pictures from the book Teacup Art...and Reflections by Joyce Wilkens.  Readers were asked to share their teacup story and how it relates to their life. Names were entered into a drawing and one fortunate individual's name was to be drawn to receive a copy of this book. 

Thank you to those who commented! Your names were placed on identically folded slips of paper and put into a copper bowl. I asked my husband to draw one name which he gladly did. The winner of the book is Marilyn from Delights of the Heart. She wrote:

This morning I am sipping tea from a Royal Staffordshire teacup of a Rural Scene in browns. The first morning that I am definitely feeling a chill in the air as we head toward Autumn. Along side the teacup is a green tea flavored macaron. Dreaming of a new season in my life as my new grandson will soon be here to have tea with his grammie. Dreaming and believing in passion today. [Marilyn]

Congratulations, Marilyn!


  1. Happy for Marilyn. Love the photo of the little black kitty. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday, La Tea Dah! Susan

  2. Marilyn is the perfect winner for this prize. I know that she will enjoy it.

  3. How exciting to be the winner of this special book. I know I will definitely enjoy it. Thanks so much to your hubby for drawing my name.


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