Friday, May 04, 2012

A Personal Handmade Cookbook

In my previous post I shared about some little books that I created with my kids when they were young. Each of them was self-bound using cardboard, floss, small ribbon, and ric-rac. But other kinds of bindings make great homemade books as well. This small cookbook is one I made about thirty-five years ago. It is tattered and stained, and although I could easily change the cover and put something new on the front, I choose to preserve each blemish on this treasured book. I made it as a class project for a Food Science class. Inside are recipes I valued at that time in my life, including recipes from friends, aunties, grandmothers, and my mother. It was made in the day before computers and word processing systems. Each letter was typed on a clunky electric typewriter on stiff tag-board pages. White out was my friend.

Although there are many other cookbooks and recipes in my files now, this is still my "go to" cookbook for pie crusts, cookies, cakes, and other family specialties. 

It's interesting to me that such a simple little cookbook can hold so many cherished memories and be bound not only with the metal three-ring clasps, but by a multitude of emotions and love as well. Little things become cherished treasures. 

What simple things do you cherish because they represent cherished memories for you? Is one of your cherished items a cookbook? I would love to hear about it.


  1. Recipes handed down are so precious, they are part of our heritage. Some of my favorites are so stained, I can hardly read them.

  2. I love a "go to" source, which is why my favorite recipes are glued to the inside cupboard door. So handy!

  3. That's great, La Tea Dah. You have a very special cookbook! susan

  4. I have several books like this. Recently I've begun typing up some family favorites. My husband's cousin is getting married and we ladies are compiling this as a gift for her. Also my sister will be getting married next year and this will be a wonderful gift for her.


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