Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flowers & Tea Ladies

The tea gardens of Sri Lanka consist of beautiful groves of tea plants which are well manicured and carefully tended. My sister carefully documented her visit to tea plantations there, making sure to photograph the real tea ladies of the world and the beautiful groves where they pluck tea. But she also discovered many beautiful flowers in bloom along the way. Today I'm sharing some of those flowers with you. I think flowers speak a universal language of love, hope, and joy. They bring cheer into the humblest home or the most magnificent mansion. I believe God created them for our utmost happiness. The vibrant colors and beautiful fragrance of flowers cannot help but make one smile upon reflection. Also, note the difference in head coverings that these tea pluckers wear as compared to the tea ladies of Indonesia. Custom, culture, and climate dictate how women the world over dress for work, beauty, and everyday living. The tea pluckers of Sri Lanka wear colorful head-scarves while they work. They provide both protection from the elements and act as a beautiful accessory. My sister and nephew are in the picture in the bottom, left of the montage. Although Judy has adopted the customary dress of Sri Lanka while traveling there, it appears she forgot the colorful scarf!

Click on the photo to enlarge it. Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks so much to your sister for sharing!

  2. The tea ladies look like beautiful flowers themselves.

  3. Just wonderful.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful tea ladies and flowers.

  5. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Your gift of creativity is endless.It brings Gods beauty to me that I can't just walk outside my door and see.


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