Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Flowers of Spring

It took awhile for spring to arrive this year. Drizzly, chilly weather slowed the progress of growth in the garden and delayed the blooms of flowers in my garden. But it finally arrived, and it seems vital to duly acknowledge the arrival of spring before the seasons passes on to summer. Hot weather has arrived and the tender blossoms of spring are fading quickly. Lilac, snowball, iris, money plant, peony, dogwood, red bud, rhododendron, tulips, daffodils, cherry, lily of the valley, crab apple, onion blossom, chive blossom, forget-me-not, and more have graced my garden with beautiful blooms this spring. Ninety degree temperatures are sure to fade springs bloom, but summer flowers are soon to follow. Yesterday my roses enjoyed the sunshine and a handful of rose buds opened to full bloom. I'll post pictures of those another day. For now...let's enjoy the beauty of spring.

What's blooming in your part of the world? Pour yourself a cup of TEA and sit down to tell us about those blossoms!

Click on the photos to enlarge. 


  1. Ohhhhhh...I'm in a spring flower coma...it's so beautiful!

    The flowers you mention having gone by are the ones blooming in my garden now or nearly blooming. The peonies are some weeks away...the lilacs are fading...no rosebuds yet.

  2. I clicked your photos and OH how very beautiful they all are. It is breath taking! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty with us!
    Lisa :O)

  3. While I mowed the lawn today I was so happy to see all the Spring blooms in the yard. Our yard is definitely the loveliest it can be in the Spring. We have some very old rhododendron plants, azaleas, and one lonely lilac bloom.

  4. Gorgeous flowers, La Tea Dah, just gorgeous.

    Right now, lilacs are still out, plus my tulips and muscari! All sooooo pretty!

    Thanks for sharing. Susan


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