Friday, February 25, 2011

Wired with Friends

There are several things required for a get-away week-end when a group is involved.  You need adequate space (places to take a nap and sleep), a clean kitchen with lots of space for food, and Internet!  Twenty-somethings are fully wired these days!  So are fifty-somethings!  If the beach isn't right outside the door, that's alright.  A meandering walk to its sandy shore allows for many things to see along the way.  Kids, kites, cozy couples, dogs, quaint houses, driftwood, and more all entertain as footsteps lead to miles of sandy shoreline and the magnificent crash of waves!  Today, as we experience a wintry day at home, with temperatures in the teens, memory recalls the milder temperatures of the coast and a half-dozen or more flowers we observed in bloom.  Little things create pleasant memories that carry us through the rest of winter as we anticipate spring.  The ocean in the winter is one of my favorite things!

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  1. The ocean in winter is definitely one my favorite things too. Your trip looks like it was wonderful.


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