Friday, February 25, 2011

Time & a Perfect Day

When sharing time with friends, it is always interesting to observe what decisions people make regarding use of their recreational time.  "What shall we do today?" is a question asked each morning.  Responses vary and a melding of ideas occurs.  Tradition (things done or places visited on other trips) decrees that some things simply must happen.  Individuals new to the group come with their own, unique ideas.  Answers range from walking the beach (a must for each visit to the ocean) to shopping in the quaint little town nearby.  Favorite bookstores must be visited, fudge or caramel corn purchased in tiny candy shops, and trinkets examined in stores where shopkeepers work to vend the most unique things they can find.  Seagulls and sea lions beg be fed.  And it is always entertaining that fishing boats observed.  No matter what the activity, relaxation occurs (yes, even with shopping).  Lively conversation over a cup of tea and an afternoon nap cap off the days activities.  A perfect day.  

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  1. It looks like fun was had by all. I loved your series of ocean photos. I really like how you have created your banner at the top. As always, it is nice to stop and visit and always nice to be inspired visually by your design.


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