Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teapot Ornament

Ornament Teapot

If you enjoy afternoon tea, I think you will enjoy seeing this.  The magazine, Living Crafts, featured an article in the Winter 2010 edition about conducting an ornament exchange.  They shared patterns for four of these ornaments  on their blog.  One of them is for this charming teapot ornament which is made from felt and floss.  If you would like the pattern, you can click here and scroll down to download it.

Each Christmas I like to decorate a small tea themed tree in addition to our regular family tree.  I am looking forward to making a set of these teapot ornaments for next year's tea tree.  I love the blue delft theme of this ornament, but want to try to replicate some of the teapots from my own collection as well.  I think an Old Country Roses version would be a delight!

Enjoy the patterns! And have a tealightful Christmas!

Update:  It looks like they have pulled the pattern.  If you would like my copy, please see my message in the comments section.

Photo:  used by permission from the Living Crafts.


  1. Such a sweet teapot ornament! Darling!

  2. It's darling, but I think they've pulled it. They have a lot of very neat things!

  3. It does look like they pulled the pattern. If you would like a copy, I will send you mine. Just send me an email --- addy is "name of my blog" at gmail dot com --- and I'll get it right to you.

  4. Very cute! Love things made with wool felt and a teapot at that. Special! Thanks!


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