Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Candle

Light a Christmas candle
And let it warmly glow
From out a friendly windowpane
Across new-fallen snow.

Someone lone in passing
Will catch the strong, bright beam
To cheer the rugged path ahead
And set the heart to dream.
Let the warm, glad light-shine
From your own candle's ray
Glow deep within your loving heart
On each and every day.

Light a Christmas candle
To glow within your heart
And touch the life of someone dear
With blessings to impart.

Kay Hoffman


  1. Oh now I've got to remember this when I'm tempted not to go outside in the bitter cold and plug in the outside lights. John's trying to figure out how to do a switch...hope he can because this is getting old. I so appreciate my neighbors' lights that the least I could do is spread the cheer. I see that you're catching up!

  2. Such a cozy looking room, La Tea Dah and lovely poem. I feel our homes are such wonderful places to and providing us with shelter and love. Have a wonderful weekend. Susan

  3. Candles this time of year and throughout the winter are so special. Thanks for the lovely poem and I love seeing your candelabra.


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