Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homemade Games

Sis brought a homemade game for each family to our Christmas celebration.  It's a simple game, but challenging for all ages!  Called "Backwoods Board-em", the instructions say this:

The goal is to balance all ten nails on the nailhead.  Seemingly impossible problems can have simple solutions if all work together as a team!  When ten are mastered, increase the number of nails!  Tales of 40!

Groups set to work around the house, working on this puzzle.  Within ten minutes, Brandon had the solution and once others saw the results, they followed his plan and balanced their nails as well.  Would you like the solution?  I will share on another day.  For now, go find eleven nails and a piece of wood.  Pound one nail into the wood to create a center post and then try balancing the other ten nails on the nailhead.  You can do it!

[The solution to this puzzle can be found here.]

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