Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Traditions

It's time to think about Christmas! How I admire my neighbors and my blogging friends who are prepared and decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not one of those people. Instead, I tend to savor Thanksgiving for as long as I can before I move on to the next holiday. But I think my week of savoring needs to end and I should move along! Before I know it, Christmas will be here and past!

I remember grade school days when mom and dad were busy teachers; sister and I busy students at school. It wasn't until Christmas holiday that we decorated for the season, putting up a Christmas tree decorated with homemade ornaments and paper chains. Once the tree was up, the household took on an air of secrecy, as we were a 'homemade Christmas' family --- and sewing, gluing, hammering, and sawing were the activities that filled the days before Christmas. Home-baked cookies and breads, Christmas lights, caroling parties, new dresses for the holiday, and cups of hot chocolate --- helped make a great holiday.

So. . .it's time to catch the spirit of the holiday! I'm ready.

Photo: Elm Street Antiques


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    That sounds like my home when I was small. Mom loved Christmas.She would wait because back then they were always fresh and mom would flock ours. I always loved it.

  2. Well I admire you for hanging on to Thanksgiving. I might have attempted it if it had been a little earlier. But now the hum of the sewing machine is heard throughout the Haven and I must get cracking having procrastinated much too long.

    Oh I love the pictures you paint with words. I can so appreciate a home buzzing with cozy activities before the holidays...wonderful!

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    We too waited a few days. We have started a new tradition this year. We are decorating real simple. Our tree we are waiting till Dec 24 to put up and tehn take down Jan 4 like our church recommends. We want to savor the holidays.

  4. oh I started early, with my brother ill and gloomy weather days, it has felt wonderful just to enjoy it all. I really love this time of year and am so thrilled that we do have a Saviour...and that HE is the reason for the Season, the rest is fluff...but such enjoyable and wonderful...we enjoy going out in the evening with a cuppa with us looking at lights...
    Enjoy your decorating LaDonna, looking forward to your pictures.

  5. I too love to savor Thanksgiving as it is my favorite holiday...but I soon must give in and get the tree up and start to think Christmas

  6. And sew we sew...:)
    enjoy. I long to create that here.

  7. I usually draw it out myself, too. Never the day after Thanksgiving! This year I has a time crunch so everything we were going to put up had to be up by today cuz I leave tomorrow and don't get back here till Christmas day. Enjoy your gathering and decorating and creating :0)

  8. Anonymous6:50 AM

    What a lovely picture with the greens and roses. This weekend we are putting up a tree, and preparing for company next weekend. I think many families are returning to a homemade Christmas this year. That may be something that we have all needed to get back to.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I've posted about the second holiday giveaway. Here's the link:

  10. I'm ready to start too, just have to find (make) the time!


  11. We have Sinterklaas here on 5 december. Nobody is doing christmas decorations before Sinterklaas. I wait till after my birthday. Then I'm ready for christmas :-)


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