Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Tea

Christmas is the perfect time to reach out, sharing from our heart with those we love. Sometimes our friends are far away, but a loving sentiment can still be sent. Have you ever had a long-distance tea party? Usually the consist of an established time to 'take tea' alone at home, while your friend does the same at theirs. If you wish you can talk together on the phone, or send text messages back and forth, but I like it best when the tea is a quiet time to think of my friend and to pray for them. It's special, at the end of such a tea, to hand write a short note to them and drop it in the mail so they receive confirmation of your tea experience in just a few days. Sharing this idea with a friend can be done sweetly by sending them a specially wrapped package that contains a new teacup and saucer, or a pound of your favorite loose tea. Wrap them beautifully, adding a bow or some Christmas glitter. Then write a verse such as the one below on a pretty card and send your package on it's way. Here's the verse:

On Christmas day, at half past three
Brew yourself a cup of tea
I'll think of you while you think of me
Sitting beside the Christmas tree.


  1. OMG! What a beautiful idea! I love little tea parties.. maybe just for two... and this is just the sweetest way to catch up with someone at a distance...thanks for the idea.

  2. oh what a great idea..and a Emilie Barnes book, what could be better.

  3. This Sunday afternoon I will be hosting my annual Christmas Tea. It is always a wonderful time spent with women that I treasure. This year everyone is bringing a sweet or savory to share. Tea, yummy food, conversation and laughter...I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon!

  4. What a thoughtful idea. Such a treat for anyone at any time of the year!

  5. I have this book as well. . I enjoy looking through it every Christmas.

  6. I found this book last year and can't wait to use it for my Christmas tea this year.

    Thanks for the lovely idea for a long-distance tea party.

  7. What a wonderful idea. I loved the verse also. Your snowy pictures are spectacular!

  8. Oh I love Emilie Barnes' books on tea. I have this book - and I have the teapot shown on the cover. I found it a year or so ago in a thrift store and I could NOT leave it there. It was still in the box. Sandy Lynam Clough is one of my very favorite artists. When I found one of her teapots - and a good deal, too - I must have gasped right out loud in the middle of the thrift store.

    I want to do some special Christmas teas for people who would enjoy something just for them. I've been thinking of saying no to all requests for my involvement next December so I can do just that! Thanks for the encouragement today.


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