Friday, May 30, 2008

Teas Galore!

Anyone who loves usually enjoys tasting and trying new teas. Fragrance varies from leaf to leaf. . .and flavored teas with their bits of flower petals, fruit pieces, and dried herbs are interesting to behold. Pretty packaging draws one to them, and before long. . .there's more tea in the house than you can drink in a year! Storing teas can become challenging. Clear jars with a tight lid work well, but take up space. Plastic isn't useful, as it absorbs flavors and changes them in the tea as well. Tea tins are pretty, but each comes in a different size and shape, making them difficult to store in one place. And little foil packets with pretty labels on them look so appealing, but are sometimes difficult to reseal and then they easily get lost in a drawer. So. . .how have you resolved the tea storage problem? Leave a comment. . .and share ideas with others here. Inquiring minds want to know.

Enjoy a lovely day!

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  1. Here's a picture of my tea storage solution. I love it! It's tucked inside a cabinet, so it's protected from sunlight exposure and moisture.



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