Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Soft Influence, Social Joy

"I am so fond of tea that I could write a whole dissertation of is virtues. It comforts and enlivens without the risks attendant on spirituous liquors. Gentle herb! Let the florid grape yield to thee. Thy soft influence in a more safe inspirer of social joy."

-- James Boswell (1740-1795)

Tables Settings
Themes from Teas Gone By
Special Memories
Beloved Friends
Cherished Moments

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  1. The collage is just beautiful! :)


  2. Fantastic collage. Each square beckons me to sit down and enjoy a cup with the lovely delicacies. Love the lavender in the napkin. Ahh heck I love it all....

  3. Oh your collage picture is just lovely. So many pretty things, all framed together.

  4. When I saw the center picture it reminded me of a friend of mine that collects pottery with irises. I think she has other pieces that match this. I love moving along different blogs and see all the "tea posts". You have really gathered quite a group of tea lovers.

  5. I just love this collage of photos!


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