Monday, November 30, 2015

Trail Camera

We've probably all seen the security camera photos that are popular on Facebook feeds these days. You know the type. Someone's UPS package is stolen from the front porch and caught on camera. Or vandals pass by in the night and key someone's car. But how much more positive and fun is it to view nature when it thinks it's unobserved!

A beautiful elk passes by in the freshly fallen snow. You know there are more not far away, as they travel as a harem with a dominant bull.

Can you tell what animal this is? It's a night shot, so a bit hard to make out. A coyote passed by the camera multiple times as it circled on a hunt.

Sometimes humans show up on the trail camera too! This is the forest service patrol who is passing by at a brisk pace. It's hunting season, so he is well identified in that bright orange vest!

Our camera also reveals that several hunters passed by, and more than once. Again, the bright safety orange is there so they can be seen. It looks like they are a bit cold!

Mostly we captured deer photos this autumn. This is one of my favorites --- a gentle, quiet deer walks softly through the snow.


  1. How lovely to have this trail camera to observe the comings and goings of wildlife (and not so wild life).

  2. That's amazing. I thought the one was a fox but couldn't really see his face.

  3. How interesting! Do you have access to the camera even from afar? Technology is very helpful.

  4. Oh I would love just watching the snow fall and a bird fly by, but to see all that other activity would be extra special.


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