Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Love and Tea

I'm sending you love and tea, 
To warm your winter's day. 
Think of me as you pour your cup 
And all the good things we would say. 
If we could be together now 
Instead of miles apart, 
We'd sip our teas and memories, 
The sweet warmth fills the heart.

Author Unknown


  1. Hello La Tea Dah......So nice to see your quiet, peaceful posts. Glad you are well and busy. Susan

  2. I think of you so often and wish we could sit down together over a good cup of tea and have a nice, long chat. Maybe we will sometime. I had hoped to pass through your area last year with my little, vintage trailer. That didn't work out - but, if it had, I planned to let you know ahead of time so I could stop and share Daffodil (and a good cup of tea) with you. Maybe that will happen sometime. In the meantime, I'll sip some tea and think of you and wish we could share a winter day together.

  3. Sweet verse! Tea is a most gracious form of hospitality.


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