Sunday, March 09, 2014

Snow. Drop.

The snowdrops are blooming! Drooping, the are white, and dainty. They burst into bloom in late February and grace March with their presence. They are classic in their crisp, simple lines and are a beautiful blend of white and green in clusters that invite you to draw near. Aptly named "snowdrop" because they look like little drops of pure white clusters that are falling to earth and they appear when winter is still here. Snow. Drop. Snow. Flake. Snow.

You can read more about this lovely flower here.


  1. Hello La Tea Dah...Are snowdrops harbingers of spring?

    Nothing here yet but mounds of snow but it won't be long. Susan

  2. Love snowdrops.
    Every year I think I will plant some,
    but so far that is as far as the plan has gone.
    I will enjoy your thoughts of snowdrops today.


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