Saturday, March 01, 2014

March is Here!

The month of March is here. A snow storm is predicted for tonight. Gray skies and zero sunshine. It's hard for me to find things to blog about. Hurry up and get here, SPRING!
Tidbits of cheer still abound on these dreary days, though. Sudo, the adorable grand-puppy has learned to sit. Here she is, sitting on a stool, and posing for the camera.
Can you see her tongue? She's saying "those frozen chicken-bits were delicious!

One son has escaped the dreary weather for a climate that is hopefully a bit warmer and that teams with SUNSHINE! Flying anywhere in the USA right now, though, can be a bit tricky with delays and jet de-icings. Happily, he arrived safely and in a timely manner.

My baby was happy to go for a walk at the park. She found a squirrel and could stand there watching it for hours if we didn't coax her away. Once away, her attention span is short and she's on to new discoveries.

My mother's handmade and embroidered "heart" quilt was on display in the library 
for the month of February. It looks a bit small in that vast expanse, but it is a lovely quilt that exemplifies hours and hours of careful handwork. It looks more at home displayed over the back of an old oak chair in my house.

The large white maple tree in our front yard has been sick for a few years. We finally decided to cut it down. It was much larger in real life than this picture makes it look! It's being cut and split for firewood...and three trailer loads of branches are being hauled to the local landfill. Exercise!

What's happening in your neck of the woods? 
Any sunshine, warmth, and flowers yet?

My first snowdrops are blooming.
I'll take pictures and show you soon.

I hope you are having a blessed day!


  1. I enjoyed your pictures and glimpse into your life very much. Flowers are blooming all around me. Spring is here and it is lovely.

  2. Right now it is snowing with some fluffy flakes. Nothing is sticking. Our son drove here on Friday from Eastern Washington and will be traveling back tomorrow so we're hoping they don't have problems over the pass. I'm ready for some nice Spring weather.

  3. I would love to see a closer photo of your mom's lovely quilt!

  4. Hello La Tea Dah....Everyone everywhere (except Arizona) is sick of winter right now, myself included. Freezing here in Western Mass.

    Love your mother's quilt. Gorgeous.

    God bless the maple. Sad to see the old giants go but sometimes there is no other recourse.

    Keep warm. Susan

  5. We are expecting another Winter Storm for Sunday and Monday...ugh! I am so ready for Spring too! It has been one long Winter here in Ky! The dog pics are great....Your Granddog looks like he is saying I hate Winter and want a but keep gving me treats...I cannot wait to get outside and do some yard work... Have a great Sunday and Blessings!

  6. A lovely little post - just like a visit. We don't have snow, but I long for spring/summer all the same.
    The tree is enormous - you'll have firewood for a long time (unless you heat your house with wood)

  7. Happy month of change and balance!

  8. Nice update. I am always sad when a tree has to go. Will you plant something new there? We had to do the same thing a few years ago and now a plum tree grows there.
    How wonderful to be seeing snowdrops.
    Fun to see your dog babies to.


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