Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy as Kings

March is blowing in with its usual force. It's blustery weather outside! The wind chimes go from moments of quiet to a full jingle of tinkling and noise! A little bit is serene. Too much is annoying! It does keep one aware of the blustery conditions, though. Clouds cover the sky. The sun shows its merry face occasionally. And we wait for spring. In addition to the yellow crocus and the white snowdrops, the purple crocus has burst into bloom. But walks around the yard reveal a slow pace for many other signs of spring. Even the lawn is still brown and dreary. Inside, though, it is cozy and bright. They say it is too early to prune the rose bushes, so a day of cutting quilt blocks is in store instead. Like Sudo, the grand-puppy, I think I'll cozy up to the warm fire during quilting breaks, pour myself a cup of tea, and be happy as a king! Happy Monday!


  1. Enjoy your cozy day indoors. I'm itching to get outside soon, too. The forsythia is beginning to bloom which means the roses need pruning.

  2. I think you are totally in love with this dog! :)

  3. Sounds like a walking around in a brown yard here. Spring is on its way out there!


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