Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Gardener's Friend

Here he comes, the perky robin in his gay red breast --- He perches on the barrow, absolutely self-possessed. . . . Looking for a snack perhaps, his dinner or his tea. But I'm inclined to think he likes a bit of company.

He carries on a conversation, chirping, twittering --- making friendly observations --- idly gossiping . . . And whether it is warm and fine or winter cold and grey --- He comes around to have a chat and pass the time of day.

~ Patience Strong ~


  1. This must mean that you've seen a robin! That will come much later for us. I always get a little excited seeing the first one.

  2. In the springtime, the robins follow my DH around as he turns up the soil and exposes the earthworms. It's quite fun to watch and they are fearless!

  3. We have our contest each Spring for who sees the first robin. The "winner" gets to display a robin Beanie Baby proudly until next year.

    Obviously it was a lot more fun when there were four of us here at home and now it is just my Hubby and I. But he is very competitive about the whole thing. Frankly, I think Victoria usually sees the first robin (and Sasha or Storm before her). ;)

  4. Hello La Tea Dah...Oh, I hope no robins come around here anytime soon. They will be frozen in their tracks. It was 3 degrees this morning when I headed for the community pool to swim! YIKES! Susan

  5. Robins have appeared here - flocks of them, more than I can remember in the past. I hope they hang around for awhile and don't head north too soon, or they will freeze!

  6. Perky robins have been visiting here, but I didn't realize they had so much to say. I must listen more closely. Right now he is busy finding worms as our ground is coming alive.


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