Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Spring can seem slow in arriving this time of year. But, it is MARCH and today's blustery weather confirms that! Spring is only a few weeks away. Little signs of season's change appear slowly. This week the snowdrops and crocus have burst into bloom. Daffodils and tulips have sent up green shoots and if you look closely enough you can see tiny green leaves starting to sprout on the rose bushes. During moments of the day, bright sunshine streams through the window, enticing me to go outside. The chilly air soon sends me back inside for my winter coat, but hope is in the air! Daffodil blossoms will arrive in the supermarket floral department long before they start to bloom in my garden, but that's alright. They serve to remind me that spring will arrive --- and with it a very happy smile from me!

How are you enduring the last gray days of winter?


  1. The daffodils around here have been in bloom for several weeks....really early. I am so looking forward to digging in the dirt and working on the landscaping around our old house. I hope to get lots of new plants in the ground. Blessings and stay warm until Spring.

  2. With hope that spring will surely come. Snow today and on Saturday will eventually give way to warmer temps late next week. Can't wait! We've been spoiled.

    Such a cute graphic...little peeps.

  3. Oh, I'm so ready for spring too. We have had an easy winter, but the past week has brought snow off and on and just chilly, wet Oregon weather.
    I love daffodils!
    Stay warm.

  4. We've had a warm, temperate winter and I am not ready for Spring quite yet...I don't like to rush things! All in good time. It seems like we are pushed and prodded along by retail to think ahead...Easter stuff in the stores in Feb! I am all for being prepared, but it is easy to 'lose' today wishing it away for tomorrow. I am hoping for a bit more rain, a few more snuggly times by the hearth, and a couple more chances to wear cozy jackets and sweaters before the summer weather sets in. Of course, I live in SO Ca so I have a different perspective from those who endure blizzards and driving on icy roads. lol~ I LIKE winter and want to enjoy each day as the blessing it is :)
    Thanks for featuring my blog on the sidebar!

  5. Hello La Tea Dah....

    Yes, spring is coming soon! Guess the best way I am surviving the gray days of winter is by keeping busy.

    Writing, taking photos, working with teens, cleaning, shopping, cooking, and, whenever I can, sitting by the fireplace. Ahhhhhh, nice. Susan

  6. Oh I love that hope is in the air! Yes, March and flowers coming up definitely give me a reason to smile.
    I think I am able to access your blog with new computer much better.

  7. The thought that Spring will be here soon keeps me going till the end.:) It's mighty cold here right now but the sun is out and that surely puts a smile on my face.:)

  8. I actually don't mind this waiting... I'm thankful for the glimpses of spring. And the reality of winter just gives me a bit more time to knit and fuss inside knowing full well that soon the outside will be needing me too!

    Blessings, Debbie


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