Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beauty, Grace and Health

The hibiscus flower is beautiful and graceful, both on the shrub and in a vase in the home, but this pretty blossom also has other benefits that may sometimes be missed the the casual observer. When dried, hibiscus flowers can be used to create a rosy-colored tisane. Although tart, the flavor mixes well with the sweet herb, stevia, or other herbs to create a delicious beverage. An extract of this blossom also has been said to have the potential to prevent cholesterol deposition and may be very useful in preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. God's gifts to use are always multiple in blessing. From beauty, to use for flavor or health, He created all things for our joy and benefit.


  1. I really enjoy seeing this flower. The petals are so tissue like. Or maybe tissue is hibiscus like :0)

  2. I love hibiscus plants. The flowers are so stunning. Your photo is great, too, La Tea Dah. Thanks for sharing. Susan


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