Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green Tea in the Springtime

"I especially enjoy green tea in the springtime. This bright, delicate tea has an aroma that reminds me of dew on clover. It has a taste that is light and soothing, so like the vernal sunshine. And when green tea is perfumed with jasmine, orange or rose blossom, the whole essence of spring seems to be dissolved in my cup."

Tea with Victoria Rose
Susan Wheeler and Paul Kortepeter


  1. Some people do not like the taste of green tea but I actually like it a lot more than regular tea. No sugar required for me either. Right now I am having white tea with vanilla. And I just ate a buncy of Reeses dark chocolate pieces (like m&m's) ... addictive. :) Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  2. I do tend to light green tea better in Springtime. Some green teas are too vegetal for me, but I have found some that are quite delightful.

  3. Reposted for Noreen

    Hi there, I tend to drink hot tea in the autumn and winter more than in the spring but I do like green tea that is cold. It is so healthy for you as well as helping a gal not to over indulge with food. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing.


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