Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Sermon in a Loaf of Bread

"In a sermon on the feeding of the five thousand by our Lord, a minister lately spoke of the lad who brought the barley loaves and the woman who made them. Little did she think as she pounded the grain, and mixed the dough, and tempered the heat of the oven, that her loaves were to feed the gathered companies, who sat down in orderly ranks on the green grass, and were refreshed by a meal presided over by Christ. As little do we know whereunto one small act of ours may grow. The obscure agents in this world are oftener stronger than those which are seen."
Signs 5/29/1884


  1. I can truly say that I had never considered the loaf baker before. Not once.

  2. I love this quote - thanks so much for sharing it.
    Have a great day! Lisa :O)

  3. Hi La Tea Dah....Nice message. Yes, we are small but the Lord is big and He can do wonders with our "little" contributions to the world. Susan

  4. And little did she know that centuries later people all around the world - in many languages - would know about her bread! We never know how a task that seems 'small' may touch millions of people.

  5. That's a good thing to consider...

  6. Oh so true!! Thanks for the thoughts!! Have a blessed week!


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