Saturday, January 28, 2012

January and a Cup of Hot Tea

January is nearly past, but I think it is important to acknowledge National Hot Tea Month!  I hope you have taken the opportunity to enjoy fresh, hot tea every day in January, even if you are busy away from home.  Here are some tips to help make it happen!

Ten Ways to Enjoy Tea When Away from Home

1. Take a thermos of hot water and tea bags with you in a tote

2. Brew your favorite hot tea, then chill and place in a water bottle

3. Keep a portable hot pot that plugs into a cigarette lighter and brew tea in your car

4. Tuck a tea bag in your pocket and make tea at the convenience store by using their hot water dispense and hot beverage cups

5. Stop at Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop and ask them to brew you a cup of black tea

6. Learn about courtesy cups of tea available at places you visit (tire store; beauty shop; hardware store)

7. Keep a hot pot by your desk at work and brew up a cup at a time

8. Make a local tea room a part of your weekly routine; you can skip the food and go right for the hot cup of tea

9. Cultivate friends who enjoy tea and stop by to visit them and share a cuppa

10. Make a new friend; take a thermos of hot tea to a nursing home or retirement home and seek out someone who looks like they would enjoy chatting over a hot cup of tea

Enjoy National Hot Tea Month!


  1. Not quite every day that I've enjoyed a cup of hot tea, but many days. In fact, if I weren't sipping hot chocolate right now I could have had a delicious cup of rooibos tea. I'm loving that stuff even if it isn't technically a tea. Good tips for taking tea with you. I've got a thermos; I could do that! My daughter-in-law has the neatest cup of tea that she can take with her. I must find out more about that.

  2. I'll have to make it happen! Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Hi La Tea Dah...Hope you are having a splendid weekend. Susan

  4. Thanks for sharing this list and the teapot is beautiful.

  5. Not every day - but love a cup of tea in a pretty cup!

  6. What a great list this is - very helpful!

  7. Some great ideas here that I'd never have considered :) - off to do errands this afternoon, taking along one of my portable "go cups" - a mini-thermos that I reserve just for tea :)


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