Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hospitality's Greeting

Come in the evening, 
or come in the morning,
Come when you're 
looked for, or come
without warning,
Kisses and welcome
you'll find here
before you
And the oftener you
come here the more
I'll adore you.

From an Irish Proverb
Thomas O. Davis  

Photo:  Old Country Roses doll-size tea set. 


  1. I just want to sit down with a book of your photographs for about three hours. Suppose anyone would pour my tea? That photo is marvelous!

  2. You have a lovely blog, and this photo is so gorgeous! It really brings a feeling of the holidays.

  3. Hello La Tea Dah...Oh, I recognize that beautiful Old Country Roses china, that's for sure. I don't have the tea pot but I have dishes and I love them. Have a peaceful night! Susan

  4. Love this photograph. I reminds me of a winter not too long ago.


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