Monday, November 29, 2010

A Cordial and Generous Reception

Cordial and generous reception of or disposition toward guests; the definition of hospitality.   Do you know someone who is the essence of hospitality?  Someone whose greeting as you enter their front door shares welcome and a generous spirit?  Such a hostess makes guests feel welcome and well-cared for as soon as they enter the front door.  Their home home is warm and inviting.  Fragrant scents waft through their kitchen to the far reaches of their home and gracious hospitality is registered there.

In her book, The Spirit of Loveliness, Emile Barnes talks about the spirit of the kitchen. She says that whatever the season, it takes so little to make room for the warm, comforting spirit of the kitchen in our everyday lives. According to Emilie, setting a pretty breakfast table or food bar with placemats sends out good signals. Sharing secrets and concerns over tea, dinner, or the dishes helps us draw closer in love to one another. If you take the time to nurture it, the spirit of loveliness can rest in every cupboard and every countertop, transforming your life and your home with delicious warmth.

Emilie has found this secret to hospitality's essence. May we also find the spirit of the kitchen and its hospitality in our daily lives.


  1. Sounds like a cool book, La Tea Dah. I like that author. Take care and have a great day. Susan

  2. Good Morning, I love this post-I have the book and used to refer to it so often but now I haven't been able to find it..ugg! My sister in law wraps up this definition, she is the hostess with the mostest. I always learn new tricks from her and hope guests always feel welcome in my home.
    Hugs to you today.

  3. I need to do better! We can all use the comfort of a clean table and sweet place settings. Currently, my table is loaded with Christmas boxes.

  4. I have been thinking about Emelie lately. She came in my store about 7 years ago while speaking at Glen Eryie. Wonderful lady and toatlly "real".

  5. A couple years ago we were picnicing by a lake on Mt. Hood and ran into a young man that had been a neighbor that played with my son as kids. His comment to me, I remember how good your house smelled. I was amazed that he would remember and tell me that over 20 years later. I always think of that now when I have guests.
    Word verification is: treat - what a fun word, as it is a treat to visit you.


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