Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eyes Unto the Hills

Autumn brings beauty and interest on the mountain.

Brent enjoys 'spotting' for elk on the mountain from Cabin-Ridge Road. He was able to find several herds dotting the ridges, and could identify the bulls and cows.

Although the flowers are long past, colorful leaves, pods, seeds, berries, and pine cones are interesting things to look for and observe.

The yellow dots in the top, left-hand picture among the evergreens are tamarack trees. They are so beautiful this year, as the needles turn completely yellow and fall, just like those on deciduous trees. They create much beauty in the autumn.

Click on montage for closer view.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous view. And I love the Scripture you included! Oh, I'd love to visit your cabin and see it in the fall. I do have a wonderful wooded place not far from my home where I've been given permission to wander with my camera. The scenes are so different than yours but it may give me the feel of fall in the woods. Thanks for sharing the place you've been blessed to enjoy. ~Adrienne~

  2. I love your visits to the mountain top cabin. How beautiful!

  3. I absolutely love the fall season. It is so nice that you all are able to get out and enjoy all this beauty our loving Creator has left for us to enjoy! I enjoy your blog!


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