Monday, August 31, 2009

Young Enthusiasm

Three ten-year-old boys visited us at our cabin, reminding us of what really matters in life. Their enthusiasm and joy for living was so evident! Here they diligently spot for bear and elk on the next ridge. If their joyous echos could be heard, it may be why no bear or elk were found! They were hiding in the trees, away from the expressions! Sometimes it's the young ones in life that remind us of what is really important. And for that, I am grateful!


  1. So true, maybe that's why Jesus said we need to be like little children in order to see... their vision isn't clouded yet!

    BTW, our little neighbour kitten who's 4 months is a perfect example of the enthusiasm and joy of youth. She is so buoyant and playful and curious, so busy chasing after bug or leaf or twig. I get so much pleasure from watching her at play.

  2. I love seeing the view through young eyes. The cabin view is magnificent BTW.

  3. Hee, how true! Look how cute they are! How I always enjoy trying to spot the wildlife.

    Love the "quite places" photo too.

  4. What incredible views!


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