Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wild Garden

A cultivated English garden is a joy to behold! My mother kept such a garden, and it drew people who admired and appreciated the flowers, beautiful greenery, cozy benches, fountains, and bird feeders. Mom enjoyed spending hours every day tending to her garden. It was her relaxation after spending the day with her kindergarten students. There's much to like about a beautiful English garden.

But, there's also much to like about a wild garden that requires no care. Well-placed rocks, antlers found on walks, plants transplanted from other parts of the woods, and some lavender brought from home all work together to create a wild garden that takes care of itself. There are no weeds in the woods; everything is a native plant and therefore acceptable for a cabin garden. The high elevation makes plants grow more slowly, and they stay in control. Sometimes a new plant is found --- and gently dug and carried to the cabin flower beds so they can grow nearby for more frequent enjoyment. One just has to be careful that they don't try to incorporate too many cultivated flower plants, as the elk and deer love them! They won't last for long in wild garden bed.

Just musing about my wild garden today. . .and glad that lavender repels elk and deer!


  1. Well...I'm refreshed just taking my imaginary walk in your garden :)

  2. I'm glad you stopped by, Donetta.

  3. there are so many different kinds of gardens all with their beauty. Love the Mountain and the Wild gardens.


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