Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sewing Bee

Happy moments are sometimes created over something as simple as needle and thread. Karleen has been working on a beautiful quilt; a gift for her son as he leaves for the university next week. It's beautiful in green, brown, and cream. She made it 'extra long' for her tall boy! It's been a quilt where a prayer was said with each stitch; blessings to Josh as he ventures out on his own. Julie and I were invited to lunch and to stitch with Karleen as she finished the binding on this memorable project. Funny stories, shared experiences, and dozens of stitches filled the summer afternoon. Friendship stitched together by love.

*Click on the photo for a larger view.


  1. How very lovely! It is the quilt in the photo right? Sounds like a fun time with friends, too. Just the kind we all need a little more of, huh? Have a joyful weekend gal!

  2. A gorgeous quilt, I just love it. And what makes it more special is the prayers and thoughts and celebration that has gone along with that quilt. Oh, the food looks wonderful too. What a lovely day of celebration you had. Those are indeed days to treasure in your heart.

  3. Sending a son off to university with a quilt like that will bring him much comfort!! Beautiful!!
    And, what a loving way to spend time with good friends!

  4. I loved that sentence of yours..." Happy moments are sometimes created over something as simple as needle and thread." It's so true!!!

    Thanks for sharing such gracious thoughts....

  5. What a beautiful quilt! Her son must love it too!


  6. Sounds like a lovely time! Good thing she has that huge fence to display it on :0)

  7. What a lovely blogsite. I enjoy reading about your quilting for your son. It's hard to send them away, but your heart will go with him and he will have a piece of you in your quilt. It will comfort him when he misses you.
    You have a beautiful and gentile blog. Thank you for sharing!
    I received a link to you from a google alert for joyful.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Joyfully yours,


  8. What a cute doggie! Thanks so much LTD.


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