Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tea Chatter

What creative 'tea time' outfits you all have! It's been fun reading about your idea garments for a perfect tea. From all appearances, most of us have two versions of how we like to dress for tea. The comfy-practical attire and the dress-up garments. Both are so necessary, aren't they? One for comfort and to make the service of tea a part of our daily lives. The other to help us create a sense of elegance and romance as we select a special dress or skirt to adorn with ribbons, lace, gloves, and a pretty hat! One of my favorite comfy tea outfits is a flannel pajama outfit that I bought at JC Penney's. There are quirky teapots and teacups printed all over it. The matching robe has an appliqued teapot with the words "Tea Time" printed across the back, and matching slippers have teapots appliqued on the toe of each. It's the perfect cozy outfit for tea! But then there are the times when a girl wants to dress up! A long, full skirt or a shirt with ruffles or special buttons paired nicely with a tea-themed broach or a broad-rimmed hat go so perfectly with some pretty Princess Diana pumps or some laced boots. It's wonderful how the service of tea can be enjoyed both plain and fancy, both the cuppa itself and the way we look!

Thank you for your great posts! Some of you took great effort in posting, and I appreciate it. People have been leaving such nice comments on every one's posts and so many are really having fun with this event. I'm happy for the sharing done and friendships made.

Have you been searching for your Sweet-and-Savory-of-Yummy recipes for next week? I have, but there are so many to choose from that it's difficult to decide which ones are best to post. Best wishes for a happy search!

If you haven't posted this week for Dressed-to-a-Tea, it's not too late! Posts are still welcome for this week and for any previous week as well.

Enjoy a happy day!


  1. I didn't know if I would get here this week--so much going on. But better late than never! I just posted on my blog...

  2. I have the same JC Penney teatime pjs, robe and slippers and love to wear them in the winter!

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Thank you for doing has been fun, and I have read many blos I had not read before. :)

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

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  5. Well, I stopped by to tell you that I have an award for you over at my place and then I started seeing what you have written about next week's Tea. Oooh, this one sounds wonderful too.

    Please stop by and take your award home when you get a chance. Thank you for all of your creative inspiration. These teas are simply delightful.

    Blessings, Karen

  6. Mmmm, now this is a tea challenge I can handle, one I can really sink my teeth into!

  7. Anonymous8:49 AM

    hello ladies,
    I did a little picture story on my blog today. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Please tell a friend. I thought it was fun!

  8. I just discovered this blog, and I love it. Hopefully, I can participate soon.

  9. Just put mine up now. Thanks for doing this.

  10. Where did the darling picture come from with the mother and daughter praying over their tea time? It is precious!


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