Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Aubrey's & Jamie's Party

Once the ceremony was over, wedding guests were invited to enter the beautiful barn and fill seats at tables lined along the attic beams.

Banners and lights created a festive scene!

Pretty hand fans were set at each place, and were very helpful in the heat of the day.

Unsweet tea! It was delicious! There were other cold drinks too, but unsweet tea that allows for the wonderful, full flavor of "tea" just hit the spot!

Chalk painted Mason jars created pretty vases. Twine accented each one. They were filled with fresh flowers of all types.

Sprigs of lavender and twine wrapped flatware were artfully set at each place.

Pretty candles were set along the table, twinkling in the darkness of the barn.

Banners and lights.

Lights and banners.

And cookies of all types! Help yourself! Don't they look pretty in those clear jars?

The wedding cake was elegant and decorated with more fresh flowers. Beside them were jars of pudding, cake, and strawberry parfaits.

Assorted china plates awaited each guest at the buffet table. Delicious and abundant food was set out for all to enjoy. 

Aubrey and Jamie cut the cake and enjoyed cake tasting with everyone circled all around!

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy pair. Thank you for a wonderful time. We enjoyed the party.


  1. What a fun venue for the wedding reception!

  2. The wedding reception looks like lots of fun and again homemade touches just make it that much more special!

  3. What a nice reception. Looks like fun for sure.

  4. A very relaxed, down to earth celebration. Jars are useful in so many ways! My boys would have been all over the unsweetened tea. :)

  5. THis has been a slow year for me to recuperate form the deaths of my parents.. but now as I am doing some visiting I see you havent been one since August. Hope all is well with you... are you coming back to blogging? I hope so.

  6. Missing your blogging! I thought I left a comment on this post. Loved seeing the reception.

  7. What a wonderful celebration! Love the atmosphere!


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