Monday, February 17, 2014

February in Pink & Red

Valentine's day has passed, but I cannot allow the holiday to pass without sharing bits and pieces of this heart-filled holiday.

February has been cold and snowy. It's been the perfect time for projects and crafting. Even simple projects like organizing a bookshelf can brighten up the day.

Red is the color for tea service in February! It is such a cheerful color and is the color of love.

Valentine's cards and tea samples from friends brighten February days, making a daily walk to the mailbox a rewarding experience.

And pretty in pink, a puppy's visit was so pleasant and sweet. Cuddles and tugs-of-war alternated with this frisky little beauty.

Good morning! Being called "handsome" is a great way for some to start the day!

Flowers. Tulips and lilies.

Chocolates and a tea tasting.

Red roses. Beautiful red roses.

And a Valentine's brunch of crepes, fruit sauces, and Darjeeling tea.

Happy February!
Spring should be here soon!
Do you have snowdrops in bloom yet?
None here.


  1. Beautiful, sounds like you had a great Valentine Day! Hope today is just as wonderful.

  2. Love that red teapot! Blessings...

  3. Hi there! Lovely treasures of February. No snowdrops here unless you're speaking literally, of course. =D

  4. Hello La Tea Dah....Loved your dolly and the Old Country Roses teacup! So beautiful. Hope the winter starts retreating. Enough with the white stuff! Susan

  5. I hope your loving treats and festive touches were fully appreciated and rewarded!

  6. Good morning LaDonna...I am so happy to see someone else enjoying the Valentine season to the very end! I love Valentines. Lovely pix as always.
    The ATAA group exchange was so fun. If you have time, look at my blog.

  7. What a lovely month of red, roses, chocolates, puppy love, and tea.
    No snowdrops in my garden, but daffodils will soon be blooming.
    And my heart of crocus is in full bloom now.


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