Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Herbs of Autumn

Bee Balm

The first October freeze looms near. The air was chilly this morning, reminding me that it won't be long before a killing frost hits the garden and changes my world!

Grape Leaves

By now you probably realize that I love spring and summer because of flowers and the wonderful gifts that nature provides. When October arrives I start taking jaunts through my yard, simply to appreciate the late season blossoms and greenery.

Bay Laurel

Unlike spring, the foliage this time of year is worn and weary. You have to look for the beauty and appreciate what each water spot or tattered leaf represents.


It's time to harvest and dry the herbs for winter use. Meadow tea is my favorite way to use homegrown herbs. The dried herbs look so pretty mixed together in a gallon jar, just waiting for infusion in a hot cup of water or a seasonal teapot.

More Rosemary

The rosemary did extremely well this year. I also dried a lot of homegrown lavender. It's time to make my own version of "Rosemary Hill" tea. The recipe will be simple: rosemary leaves, lavender buds, and a great quality black tea.


The sweet leaf, stevia, makes a delightful addition to meadow tea as well. Just dry, crumble, and add to the other dried herbs in the jar. The sweetness of the leaf enhances any tisane.

And of course, one cannot forget the mint. It's been plucked, picked, and appreciated all summer long. The last of the leaves are small and not very prolific this time of year, but the flavor they add to anything on a chilly day cannot be beat!

Have you walked through your yard today to check things out? What's growing in your autumn garden?


  1. Today looks like it will be dry enough to maybe have a walk about...
    Your herbs all look so healthy.

  2. Hello La Tea Dah...I know what you mean about lamenting over the warm season's soon-to-be ending. So sad.

    Here we have impatiens still going strong, mint, roses and now, big beautiful chrysanthemums.

    Savoring each moment of lovely autumn. Susan

  3. I grew Bee Balm for the first time this year. The real star of the herbal garden was the apple mint which has pretty much taken over the first herb garden bed we built because I let it. I had never grown it until I saw The West Ladies Herb DVD and it was their favorite mint. I have lots of it dried for cold weather drinking. We have been unusually warm this fall, I have the AC on right now!

  4. Everything is still blooming here in Oregon! We will have 3 days of sunshine, so I may get a few more tomatoes. Most of my herbs are good too.


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