Saturday, October 05, 2013

A Walk Around the Yard

There is a chill in the air these days. But the sun shines through mid-day, giving just the right amount of warmth to the day. A walk around the yard is in order while the sun shines! Autumn is here. The plants reflect the affect of the heat of August, but are revived by the coolness present now. The lavender is blooming again, giving one last burst of purple before winter arrives. 

The cone flowers are very weary and tired. They have started producing seeds, but some faded color remains and bursts of cheer show forth.

The roses are less full and not quite so vibrant, but their faces still show of unfolding beauty and charm. I love the soft apricot essence of this blossom.

The hollyhocks just never give up! Beautiful, stunning blooms showcase some parts of the plants.

While other parts are dry stalks of seeds in pods. Each pod contains a spiral of small round discs that fit together perfectly! Every time I pass by them I pluck some of the pods, squeeze them tight, and release the seeds into the soil below. I love hollyhocks and simply want to help nature replenish the supply for next spring and summer!

The lawn is still green and the leaves have not quite turned to gold. But the tired, weariness of foliage and blossom is evident. There is beauty in each stage of every season.

Peace. The result of walking around the yard on a day in Indian summer.


  1. Happy Saturday to you! We too are experiencing the cool mornings and evenings that announce fall is here. Snow came and went quickly, yesterday, and the mountains are covered. I am not ready for winter's solstice yet; I do enjoy slower mornings and stitching projects that invade my days. Love your flowers-I've still got some vine roses and of course Mums-which I love. Have a great weekend.

  2. Indian summer looks lovely there...

  3. I walked around my lawn today with the lawnmower! :)
    It has greened up nicely since the dry brown of summer. Your lawn and color look good...

  4. Loved taking a peek at your yard, dear friend. I wish I could have walked around with you! I'm not ready for Winter's arrival yet, either but I love the change of seasons we've had.

  5. Your garden looks lovely I would like to walk around it again soon. Feel free to visit my orchard.

  6. What a lovely walk around the yard. There is something special about a garden in the autumn.


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