Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Roses Red

The spring has been cool and damp, creating perfect conditions to make roses blossom and thrive! May was a great month for rose blossoms and it looks like June will be running a close second.  I enjoy them in my garden! So much, that I have a difficult time cutting them to bring inside for floral arrangements. They look so beautiful on the rose bush, growing in whatever arrangement God decided upon for each specific rose bush and bloom. But, I am trying to remember to cut some so that I can enjoy them indoors as well.

These red roses come from a large, abundantly blooming bush that's right off the back porch. The bush is nearly as tall as I am, and is prolific this year! Simple and sweet, this arrangement consists of four blossoms and a bud. Three Japanese iris in purple add accent in color and spike!

Simply beauty. God's creation. I'm trying to remember to "take time and smell the roses" and I hope you are too!


  1. Well I do have a lot of time... =D (just no roses) I can smell the peonies, though.

  2. Yes, take time to look and see what is happening right now right here...
    That's always a good reminder for me.
    Blessings and enjoy those beautiful roses.

  3. I have a hard time cutting mine too!

  4. gorgeous roses!! I can nearly smell them!!
    Do you grow your own lavender? I have tried, but really have not succeeded. Any hints?


  5. I also am enjoying rose bouquets in my house. With 11 new rose plants my husband says to please pick them as it will encourage them to grow. And so I am picking them. Love the beauty of the rose.

  6. Exquisite, La Tea Dah. Absolutely exquisite. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Those red roses are magnificent and the iris are so lovely, too. Susan


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