Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Hopping

Dad and Alma have been enjoying their retirement. They live on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After much hard work, they have taken an empty lot and made it into a beautiful home. Alma loves to decorate and garden while Dad is a great carpenter and the quintessential garden technician. A walk around their yard this spring shows there's much to look at and enjoy. Alma has selected vibrant colors for their landscape design, not only in blossom but foliage as well. Their design was planned so that there would be no lawn to mow. Green areas were created by making a checkerboard of bricks with creeping thyme planted in each space. Dad designed and built the seats and awning to greet guests as they enter from the road. And there are gadgets galore: an alarm sensor to keep deer away; wires and hooks to keep the squirrels from eating the seeds from the bird feeder; and automated sprinklers and tubing to keep everything well hydrated.

A walk through their garden, even if it is only by photo-show, helps bring a bit of tranquility and calmness into the day. Enjoy your little walk as you look at the pictures. Imagine the fragrance. Enjoy the calm.

Enjoying the gardens of others is a favorite past-time of mine. All the work is done. All I have to do is enjoy the beauty. What about you?

[Click on the photos for a larger view]

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  1. Wow, your Dad and Alma are doing a fabulous job with the gardening! Good for them. Looks absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing. And La Tea Dah, cpngratulations on all the wonderful happenings in your family of late. Graduation, birthday, everything! How wonderful to have and share all the joy with family. Susan


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