Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Papers, Old & New

Crafts made from something as simple as paper can be beautiful and fun to make.  Since scrapbooking and altered art is so popular, pretty papers are readily available and a crafter is simply limited by their own imagination.  Both old and new papers can be used.  I found these pretty boxes in an antique mall recently, and appreciated how they had utilized both types of papers for these covered box projects.  The boxes are lightweight, balsa-wood boxes that are readily available in most craft stores.  A coat or two of acrylic paint provided the base. Paper was cut to size and glued on with a lightweight spray adhesive.  I especially love the 'old' photos used for the vintage family boxes. The papers were made by photocopying and enlarging pictures from the past.  What a creative way to use the old in a new way!  


  1. Wow - these are great!

  2. Very pretty, La Tea Dah. Very creative, too. Sincerely, Susan

  3. There beautiful paper in the stores is so fun. I love the ideas shared here.


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