Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Happy Camper

With springs arrival in the valley, I sometimes wonder why we trek mountain ward, simply to be back to snowdrifts and chilly weather. Part of the reason is that there is one very 'happy camper' in the family when he can be on the mountain.  A campfire and a cozy fire in the wood stove warm us, and 'happy camper' and I enjoy the serenity of being at the mountain top.  Last week-end the cabin was opened for the season.  A new chimney topper was installed after being carefully fabricated in the shop at home during the winter months.  Later, the springs of fresh water were explored and checked.  The tank is clear and what's usually two springs during most of the year was multiplied to seemingly a dozen or more during this season of melting snow and run-off.  The ground was soggy with rivulets of water streaming down the hillside.  In some places, like the meadow, wildflowers slowly are poking out their faces from the earth and the mullein patches are green with new growth.  In others, snow is still packed and abundant in the places the sun rarely shines.  The lavender plants?  They are still buried in snow, just waiting for more warm sunshine to release them from their blanket of white.  An friendly deer has taken up residence in the woods behind the shed, seemingly unafraid and very curious of humans.  Observing nature through all her seasons brings joy and contentment to the heart.  God is good!      


  1. Yes, God is good. What beauty has been given us. The mountain top must be so peaceful, a perfect place to get away and meditate.

  2. Beautiful thought in a beautiful place. Love your blog,I have been reading it for quite awhile.
    God bless your day!

  3. God is good and what a blessing a mountaintop camp has got to be. I remember so well the outdoor tea you put on and shared with us a long time ago. I'm thinking tea outside by that roaring, warming campfire would be one of the sweetest things in life to enjoy.

  4. Oh my. Sounds so wonderful. Makes me want to run (literally) for the hills. Sincerely, Susan


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